Monthly Archives: March 2018

Dynamic Record Display – How to display record of any sObject on same Visualforce Page?

Do you have a requirement to show all object’s record on the same page? Well, this article can be useful if you are looking for this solution. This solution will… Read more »

Type.forName() – Create apex class instance using class name

How many of you are aware that after summer 12 release, we can create Apex Class instance dynamically just by using class name? Yes, no need to specify class type… Read more »

SOQL performance improvement and Skinny Tables in Salesforce

SOQL is Salesforce Object Query Language and is used for fetching the data from Salesforce standard and custom objects. It is similar to SQL which is used in normal databases… Read more »

Salesforce Security and Access Overview

For a minute, let’s forget about Salesforce and let’s analyze the security mechanism of a school or college. The points to keep in mind are: There will be security guards… Read more »

Sharing And Visibility Designer – My Experience

Its been an amazing journey to go through all the documentation to get this one, and in the end it was all worth it. With this article, I will start… Read more »

How I Cleared my Platform Developer 2 Exam?

Hi All, Since many of my contacts on LinkedIn are asking me to share the strategy that I followed to clear “Platform Developer II MCQ” (except few who are asking… Read more »