Monthly Archives: September 2018

Why there is a need for Lightning Locker? – Lightning Locker Services Part 1

Lightning Locker- A question in every Lightning Developer’s mind for which they are still seeking the clear explanation. With a series of posts, I will try my best to explain… Read more »

lightning:empApi #Winter19 – Capture Streaming Events

Let’s explore one more powerful component of #Winter19.  We are in the 4th Industrial Revolution which has a lot of scope for IoT(Internet of Things). IoT loves event-driven architecture and… Read more »

lightning:map #Winter19 – An Easy Solution To Generate Google Map

As #Winter19 is here, its time to say goodbye to Leaflet.js library as we have a got a powerful base lightning component to generate google maps very easily. Read complete… Read more »

Share Data Between Lightning Component & Visualforce Page

Have you ever been in a situation where you need to use Visualforce inside Lightning Component? If yes, does it require sharing the data between Lightning Parent Container and Visualforce?… Read more »

FullCalendar In Visualforce – An easy calendar event management app

With this post, let’s implement library to create a complete event management app. App features will include: Easy event creation (Create event directly by clicking on Calendar day/hour) Easy event… Read more »