After the Lightning Component Development Series, It’s time for us to explore some of the advanced topics of Lightning Framework. Saying this, I am starting a new series which I call “Advance Lightning Series” which will cover below topics:

  • Lightning Component Performance Improvement (Lazy Instantiation, Client Side Cache, Data Binding)
  • Lightning Locker Service
  • Sharing Data between Visualforce and Lightning
  • Modularizing Lightning Components (Use Javascript to share data between components)
  • Lightning Custom Cache implementations
  • Lightning Component Security

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Episode 1 – Lazy Instantiation (3x Better Performance)


Episode 2 – Client Side Cache (40x Better Performance)

Episode 3 – Data Binding (Make Your Browser Fast)

Episode 4 – Sharing Data Between Visualforce & Lightning

Episode 5 – Lightning Locker Services

Episode 6

Coming soon…

Please comment on this post if you want me to include some other topic as well in this series. Please share your feedback and reviews in comment section.

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