Application Architect Journey

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If you are visiting this page, I am assuming you going for or interested in getting “Salesforce Certified Application Architect” credential and begin your #JourneyToCTA

To get this credential you must have good knowledge of Salesforce Application/Product. There are 4 certifications that you need to complete to get this one:

  1. Salesforce Certified App Builder
  2. Salesforce Certified Platform Developer 1
  3. Salesforce Certified Sharing And Visibility Designer
  4. Salesforce Certified Data Architecture and Management Designer



If you see above image, “Certified Application Architect” domain certificate covers the left side of the pyramid and include all above-mentioned certificate.

There is no specific order to complete these 4 certifications and you can appear for any exam in any order, but completing these 4 certifications are mandatory to get your Application Architect credentials. Here is the order that I follow for these certifications:

Platform Developer 1 > App Builder > Sharing And Visibility Designer > Data Architecture and Management Designer


Once you get all these 4 certifications, you will get your Application Architect certificate as well and there is no separate exam that you need to give for that one.


I have already shared my experience and tips on the designer certificates in my previous posts:

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Data Architecture And Management – My Experience


All the best guys!!

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