How I Cleared my Platform Developer 2 Exam?

Hi All,

Since many of my contacts on LinkedIn are asking me to share the strategy that I followed to clear “Platform Developer II MCQ” (except few who are asking for dumps), I thought of sharing it with everyone. It totally depends on you if you choose to follow the same path:

> First of all we have this amazing Trailmix available on Trailhead. This Trailmix especially focuses on the areas which are essential for Platform Developer 2 certification.

> If any topic is new for you, focus more on that topic and do as much hands-on as you can to make yourself completely aware of that topic.

> The Trailmix also contains the 4 Superbadges, which you must complete in order to earn your credential.

> The Superbadges are having some complex business scenarios and covers all the topics which are included in PD2 Exam Guide. While writing the code focus on all the best practices, try to solve the problem on your own first and then only go for online help. Also completing a Superbadge will motivate you and will give you a feeling for keep going.

> After completing above steps, you already must be having enough confidence to appear for the exam, but wait, let’s go through “Apex Developer Guide” and “Visualforce Developer Guide” as well since they are the main resources for this exam.

> Go through “considerations” of every topic listed in both developer guide. Try to make your own notes after reading every topic. Thanks to my friend Ranjan Kumar Saha( who suggested me this approach as making my own notes definitely helped me for last minute recap.

> That’s it guys. After completing all above steps, go for MCQ exam, I am sure you will clear it as well. I know its lot of reading but its all worth it once you will get the PD2 credentials in your email 🙂 Best Of Luck!!

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7 thoughts on “How I Cleared my Platform Developer 2 Exam?

  1. Sharath Kanukuntla

    Doing Good job Manish.

    Hope fully this blog will help so many guys who are really interesting to gain Stuff regarding the Salesforce.

    All The Best..

  2. Sri

    Thank you for sharing this information. When I went to trailhead for PD2, I see that the topics in the sections do not match the topics in the exam outline. For example, in ‘Salesforce Fundamentals’ section, the first topic in the exam guide is “Describe the capabilities of base-system objects such as sharing objects, history objects, metadata objects, multi-currency, and Chatter objects.” But I do not see it in the trailhead. Are these topics covered elsewhere in trailhead?
    Please share your thoughts on this.

  3. Sreenivasa V

    Hi Manish,
    Nice and inspiring. I have checked the your certification details. Thanks a lot. Keep motivating ….


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