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Manish Choudhari

Salesforce Developer & Architect
Member of Technical Staff at Working on Infrastructure domain and developing new tools on Lightning platform as a developer.

I am a nerdy Software Engineer and could never get enough of technology. Learning something new everyday is my favourite dish.

My passion about technology started when my big brother had bought a computer, I was in 8th standard at that time. I always used to watch him building these cool websites and had planned a career for myself doing so.

Since then, I have learned and worked on quite a few technologies like Java, .Net, C#, PHP, Android, Salesforce etc. Although I like working and studying all technologies, I spend most of my time buiding stuffs on Salesforce.

I have started this blog to share my knowledge, ideas, thoughts and everything that I have learned so far. Apart from writing technical articles on my blog, I am active on communities and forums, I love to speak on public events and, I also run my youtube channel SFDCFacts, where I share video tutorials on Salesforce technology.



Salesforce/CloudWeb DevelopmentMobile DevelopmentConsole/Desktop
Salesforce AdminHTML, CSSAndroid Application DevelopmentJava
ApexJavaScript, AngularJavaFX
LightningJavaEE, PHP, .Net.Net
Lightning Web Component

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