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Manish Choudhari

Salesforce Developer & Architect
Member of Technical Staff at Working on Infrastructure domain and developing new tools on Lightning platform as a developer.

I am a nerdy Software Engineer and could never get enough of technology. Learning something new everyday is my favourite dish.

My passion about technology started when my big brother had bought a computer, I was in 8th standard at that time. I always used to watch him building these cool websites and had planned a career for myself doing so.

Since then, I have learned and worked on quite a few technologies like Java, .Net, C#, PHP, Android, Salesforce etc. Although I like working and studying all technologies, I spend most of my time buiding stuffs on Salesforce.

I have started this blog to share my knowledge, ideas, thoughts and everything that I have learned so far. Apart from writing technical articles on my blog, I am active on communities and forums, I love to speak on public events and, I also run my youtube channel SFDCFacts, where I share video tutorials on Salesforce technology.



Salesforce/CloudWeb DevelopmentMobile DevelopmentConsole/Desktop
Salesforce AdminHTML, CSSAndroid Application DevelopmentJava
ApexJavaScript, AngularJavaFX
LightningJavaEE, PHP, .Net.Net
Lightning Web Component

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Getting started with Salesforce CPQ

  • 08 June 2019
  • CPQ

In this On-Demand economy, customers expect a fast-frictionless buying experience. That means the Sales Reps don’t have a lot of time to spend on the tools or spreadsheets to come up with the right solutions. Luckily Configure, Price, Quote apps often referred to as CPQ is the miracle they are looking for. CPQ enables the […]

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08 June 2019
15 May 2019

Navigate to an Aura Component from another Aura Component

Lightning Framework is filled with a lot of features and one of them is to navigate between components. With this article, we will learn how we can navigate between components and pass the attribute data. Make Your Component URL Accessible Navigation in Lightning component is not that straight forward and we need to take help […]

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Interview Questions – Lightning Framework – Part 11 – Lifecycle, Interfaces

Checkout earlier posts in interview question series to read previous questions. 91. What are the lifecycle events? There are 4 events that get fired as per component rendering lifecycle: Init event – Updates a component or fires an event after component construction but before rendering. render() – Renders the component body. afterRender() – Enables you to interact […]

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14 May 2019
14 May 2019

Interview Questions – Lightning Framework – Part 10 – Apex Controller

Checkout earlier posts in interview question series to read previous questions. 81. What are the considerations to make an apex method available for Lightning Components? You can make any server-side apex method available to be invoked from Lightning Component. Before doing so, you need to make sure: Your class is either global or public. The method you […]

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Interview Questions – Lightning Framework – Part 9 – Lightning Data Service

Checkout earlier posts in interview question series to read previous questions. 71. What is Lightning Data Service? Lightning Data Service aka LDS allows you to create, retrieve, delete or update Salesforce records without any need of Server side controller. To understand it, you can think of LDS as standard controller of Lightning Component. Data access with Lightning Data […]

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13 May 2019
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