Code By Code – Lightning Framework – Final Chapter – Summary And RentACar Application Complete Code

Code By Code – Lightning Framework – Final Chapter – Summary And RentACar   Application Complete Code

Final Chapter

What we have learned so far?

In this #CodeByCode guide, we have tried to touch base on almost all the basics of Lightning Framework. Though it can put you in the right direction and make you aware of Lightning Framework fundamentals, there is so much to explore.

We have only covered the basics in this guide and doing a deep dive into this framework, is definitely recommended. Below are a few resources from where you can start exploring the depth of this framework:

1. Complete Lightning Framework Fundamentals (My YouTube Series)
2. Advance Lightning Series (My YouTube Series)
3. Lightning Articles on SFDCFacts
4. Lightning Framework Development Guide

Complete Code Of Rent A Car Application

To view complete code of Rent A Car application and install it in your org, follow below steps:

1. Install the package from

2. The package is password protected. Use password ‘rentacar_01231’ to install it.

3. Once the package is installed, navigate to developer console to generate the data.
> Open developer console.
> Click on ‘Open Execute Anonymous Window’
> Insert ‘CreateData.createPackageData();’ and click on Execute.

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    Hi Manish,
    The URL doesn’t seem to work. When I click on the link it brings up a SF org instance, and prompts for the SF username AND password. So where do I get the install package for the code.
    Stephen S.

    1. Avatar

      Hi Stephen, first you need to login in your developer org, then just past the package url, you should be able to install it.
      Or you can directly click on the link, and login using your dev org credential, after that, you would be able to install it.

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