Code By Code – Lightning Framework – Chapter 5 – Standalone Lightning App

Code By Code – Lightning Framework – Chapter 5 – Standalone Lightning App

In this chapter, we will display our CarSearchForm.cmp aura component within a standalone lightning app.

The standalone lightning app has a custom URL. These can be hosted and run using the URL directly. Standalone apps file has .app extension. You can use aura components inside standalone lightning apps.
Using standalone lightning app is mandatory in some scenarios like:
1. Using lightning out to host aura component outside Salesforce ecosystem.
2. Using aura component within a visualforce page.

To create a standalone lightning app, open developer console and navigate to File -> New -> Lightning Application. Below is the application code:

The application code is pretty simple.
– Beginning tag is mandatory and specifies that it is an application file.
– It also extends force:slds which is used to bring SLDS stylesheet to your lightning application.
– To use your component within a application, you need to use the format . Here in our case namespace is “c” and component name is “CarSearchForm”.

This only covers basics of lightning/aura application. Read more about aura application here.

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Standalone Lightning App

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