Code By Code – LWC – Chapter 2 – Aura Components, LWC Components, Lightning Components

Code By Code – LWC – Chapter 2 – Aura Components, LWC Components, Lightning Components

Now we get all different types of components with different names such as Aura Components, Lightning Web Components, and Lightning Components. What are these? Why do we need these many different types of components? Which means what? Let’s find out.

For a better understanding, let’s go through the development history of Lightning Components.

Lightning Framework was introduced back in 2014 by Salesforce to develop Lightning Components. This framework was based on an open source framework named “Aura Framework”. Over the years, web stacks have improved and Lightning Web Components were introduced which another model to create Lightning Components.

  • When Lightning Framework was first introduced in 2014, we only had one programming model to develop components, hence these components were named as Lightning Components.
  • But now, we have another programming model to develop these components, called Lightning Web Components.
  • As Lightning Framework was based on open-source aura framework, these components are now being called “Aura Components” and NOT Lightning Components.
  • Since both LWC and Lightning framework develops similar components, Salesforce has named these components as “Lightning Components”.

So, in simple words, both Aura Components & Lightning Web Components falls under the same umbrella and, are being called Lightning Components

Lightning Components (All Components)Aura ComponentsLightning Web Components
All the components being developed either by LWC or Lightning Framework.Only the components being developed with Lightning FrameworkOnly the components being developed with LWC

Now we also need to keep in mind, that aura components and LWC components are very similar on UI layer and they work great together side by side. This means if you are an admin, app builder or Salesforce user, you won’t be able to tell any difference between these two.

Let’s start developing our first LWC component in next chapter.

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