Interview Questions – Lightning Framework – Part 1

Interview Questions – Lightning Framework – Part 1

1. What is Aura Framework?

Aura is an open source framework developed by Salesforce. It is a component based framework to develop UI components.

2. What is Lightning Framework?

Lightning Framework is based on Aura Framework to design and develop Salesforce Aura components. Lightning framework is also developed by Salesforce, but unlike Aura Framework, it is not open source.

3. In which Salesforce release, Lightning Components were introduced?

Lightning was introduced in Salesforce Winter 15 release.

4. What is event driven architecture?

Event-driven architecture is used for better decoupling between components. Components can communicate with each other using events. Lightning Framework supports two type of custom events:

  1. Component Event
  2. Application Event

Any component can subscribe to an application event, or to a component event they can see.

5. From where can you create Aura Components?

Aura Components can be developed using your favorite IDE (VS Code, Eclipse, IntelliJ) or directly through Developer console.

6. What is a Component Bundle?

Component bundle is a folder or pack, which holds all the component files together or differentiate from the files of the components. For ex, An aura component can have upto 8 different files which all are part of component bundle.

7. What are different files in an aura component bundle? What are their usage?

There are 8 different files in a component bundle. These files include component markup, css, javascript and documentation. For ex, let’s say you have component bundle named as “MyCustomComponent”, then the component files would be:

MyCustomComponent Bundle

| — MyCustomComponent.cmp

|              Only required resource in component bundle. Contains markup of the component in xml format.

| — MyCustomComponentController.js

|              ​Client side controller based on javascript to handle events raised by component

| — MyCustomComponentHelper.js

|              Contains Javascript functions that can be called from controller file of renderer file. This file mainly used for writing reusable code.

| — MyCustomComponent.css

|              Style for the component. Contain css classes and style definitions

| — MyCustomComponent.auradoc

|              Contains description, sample code or reference to your component

| — MyCustomComponentRenderer.js

|              Client-side rendering to override default rendering

| —

|              Enables you to design a form that enables business user to set value attributes in your component using Lightning App Builder.

| — MyCustomComponent.svg

|              Custom icon resource

8. What are different JavaScript files in a component bundle?

There are 3 JavaScript files in an Aura Component Bundle, Controller File, Helper File and Renderer File. Controller file is mainly used to handle events being fired from component markup. Helper file is mainly used to write reusable code. Renderer file is mainly used to override rendering events of an Aura Component.

I hope these questions would help you in refreshing your concepts and clearing an interview. Keep reading more questions in next intreview posts.

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