Getting started with Salesforce CPQ

Getting started with Salesforce CPQ

In this On-Demand economy, customers expect a fast-frictionless buying experience. That means the Sales Reps don’t have a lot of time to spend on the tools or spreadsheets to come up with the right solutions.

Luckily Configure, Price, Quote apps often referred to as CPQ is the miracle they are looking for. CPQ enables the Customer facing teams to quickly and correctly configure offerings, orders, and generate quotes all while managing the Compliances, approvals, and rules. It also reduces the errors occurring due to inefficiencies and manual efforts, thereby reducing the time to customer and enhanced efficiency.

C stands for CONFIGURE

Configuration of the Products enables reps to offer a unique combination of products as per the buyer’s needs. It enables additional configuration and even suggests Add-Ons recommendations as per their Order history. Creating bundles on the fly all while maintaining the organizations rules is the inherent capability of the CPQ system.

P stands for PRICING

The need to have the right Product for the right customer at right Price and at the right time has been increased heavily. A flat pricing model doesn’t always suffice the customer needs, perhaps you might want to offer special pricing, bundle pricing, volume pricing or you might want to discount based on the customer segment or the geography. CPQ tool can ensure all these capabilities out of the box with just some configuration away.

Q stands for QUOTING

A deal can’t be closed until the customer approves it, which in turn might take a lot of back and forth between the Sales Reps and customers. This increases the need for generating the documents more quickly with accuracy so that the reps can focus more on negotiations. Within just a few clicks, a rep can create a quote, send it in an email or even can ask the customers to sign it digitally using Docusign. CPQ provides an enhanced capability of quoting where multiple templates can be configured by an admin in the backend which Sales reps can use at the run time to generate the documents quickly. They don’t have to bother about modifying the terms and conditions dynamically based on the products and customers.

Different CPQ Tools in the market

CPQ tools are redefining sales effectiveness. CPQ tools have captured the CRM market not only in the Sales division but also in the service industry. Different business has different complexities and use cases. So, based on the specific use cases, you can opt from the below major CPQ tools available in the market.

  • Salesforce CPQ a.k.a SteelBrick: The most distinguishing feature of Salesforce CPQ is that it is completely native to Salesforce and comes with pre-configured workflows and OOTB capabilities which are applicable to not just enterprise level but also the small business. Salesforce CPQ has emerged out as the best tool available in the market for SMB’s. Major Features of Salesforce CPQ includes configuration of complex and dynamic product catalog with multiple pricing options and bundles, generating a dynamic and personalized quote and contract documents, handling contract and renewals. It comes with additional capabilities like DocuSign integration, Advanced Approvals, Service Console unification, Advanced order management, community cloud integration to name a few.

  • Vlocity CPQ: It is a leading CPQ tools in industry specific solutions which provides solutions for industries like Communication & Media, Energy, Insurance, financial services and healthcare. It provides omnichannel apps which allows organizations to deliver seamless interaction across any channel.
  • Apptus CPQ: Apttus has emerged as one of the best CPQ solutions for enterprises where there is a need of complex order orchestrations, contract lifecycle management and renewals.
  • CloudSense: CloudSense provide an inbuilt capability of advanced order orchestration, decomposition and integration with OSS and downstream systems.

Apart from these leaders, there are other CPQ tools available in the market like KBMax, CallidusCloud, Zuora, BigMachines, Flexprice, etc


How do i begin?

Here is the quick introduction video featuring all the capabilities of Salesforce CPQ. To simultaneously understand the concepts of CPQ in details refer to the Trailmix on Salesforce CPQ which covers Introduction, Features, Hands-On exercises and Projects.

The best way to get started with Salesforce CPQ is to install the application in one of your Sandboxes. Use the link to create a new Developer Org Pre-Enabled with Salesforce CPQ.

Salesforce CPQ provides multiple packages like Salesforce CPQ, Service Cloud for salesforce CPQ, Adobe sign for Salesforce CPQ, DocuSign for Salesforce CPQ and advanced Approvals. But for the beginner level, we will start with the Salesforce CPQ package.

Refer to the official documentation site for more details on the Packages and Latest release version of Salesforce CPQ.

There will be follow up posts on this topiq to help you learn Steelbrick CPQ . Stay tuned!!

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